Welcome to Holding My Hand

Just as the name infers, Holding My Hand is here to help.  In the world we live in today, we all need a hand to hold sometimes.  No one should be in this alone.  Hmm. Some categories?  children, teens, adults, new parents, seasoned parents, single parents, wives, husbands, divorcees, grandparents – let me know what I haven’t covered… every single human on earth needs help sometimes.  I want this site to reach everyone and anyone who needs help. That is a goal, not a vision.  Personally, physical health and self-maintenance are important to me.  So, the physical domain is included.  In our every day relationships, our interactions are crucial.   Let’s be honest…some people just don’t get it.  So, the social domain is included.  Finally, our mental health – how we feel internally, is what impacts everything else.  Mental health means introspection and owning feelings and so many very hard things.   So, we are going to hold your hand through it all.

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